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Are Rodents Running Rampant Around Your Home?

Homeowners in the Fort Myers, Florida area count on us when they need to rid their homes of insects like ants, spiders and roaches. But did you know we also take care of bigger pests? Rodents are among the most troublesome pests that invade homes in Southwest Florida. Rats and mice can both cause great damage to your home by gnawing on insulation, electrical wires, wood, drywall and just about everything else.
In addition to their destructive behavior, mice and rats may also carry a number of diseases, like hantavirus and salmonella, that they can introduce to your household.
If you have a rodent problem, Blue Sky Solutions of SW FL, LLC has the answer. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a qualified rodent exterminator in the Fort Myers area.

We Can Get Rid of Rodents for Good

At Blue Sky Solutions, our pest control experts are trained on the most effective methods to get rid of rodents in Fort Myers homes. When you reach out to us for rodent control solutions, our rodent exterminators will:

Florida Lawn Care Services

Pests can devastate your well-kept lawn, but our professionals can keep your grass green and healthy with our lawn pest control solutions. We also offer other lawn care services, including fertilization and weed control, to keep your lawn in peak condition year-round.

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You shouldn’t have to live another day with rats or mice creating filthy conditions in your home. Call Blue Sky Solutions today to learn more about our rodent control services in the Fort Myers area!

Blue Sky Solutions offers rodent control services in Naples FL, Estro FL, Bonita Springs FL, and other surrounding areas. Give us a call today!

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