Lawn Pest Control - Estero

Lawn Pest Control in Estero, FL

Would you like professional help to get rid of bugs in your lawn in Estero?

A healthy, well-kept lawn can be one of the most striking features of your property. However, if insects, fungi and weeds invade your lawn, they can cause it to die off one patch at a time. If you want to protect your grass from all threats, hire a reliable lawn pest control company in Estero.

Lawn Pest & Fungus Exterminators

At Blue Sky Solutions, our team of experts knows how to thoroughly remove bugs and fungus from your lawn in Estero. By removing active infestations and preventing new problems from taking root, we’ll ensure your lawn is the greenest in the neighborhood.

We perform the following lawn pest control services:

  • Grub control
  • Brown patch fungus control
  • Weed control
  • Chinch bug control
  • Army worm control
  • Sod webworm control

Effective Lawn & Palm Fertilizer Treatments

Not only can we get rid of harmful pests, Blue Sky Solutions can also provide fertilization for both your lawn and the palms or other ornamental plants around your home in Estero.

Our fertilization and ornamental plant protection services include:

  • Liquid fertilization
  • Granular fertilization
  • Palm tree injection
  • Tree fungus control
  • Aphid control
  • Caterpillar control

The Best Lawn Pest Control & Fertilization Company in Estero

Working with trained professionals will ensure that your lawn is properly fertilized and protected from pests. Get in touch with Blue Sky Solutions today for comprehensive lawn pest control and fertilization services in the Estero area!

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