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Lawn Pest Control in Cape Coral, FL

Do you need lawn pest control or other lawn care services in Cape Coral?

Most homeowners take great pride in keeping their lawns verdant and neatly maintained. Obstacles to keeping a healthy and beautiful lawn include weeds, pests and fungi that can kill off your grass, resulting in unsightly brown patches. To keep your grass cared for and get rid of bugs in your lawn, work with Cape Coral’s best lawn pest control company.

Reliable Lawn Pest & Fungus Control

Blue Sky Solutions specializes in eliminating harmful bugs and fungi from lawns in Cape Coral. You can count on our talented lawn care team to exterminate all pests and keep your grass growing green throughout the year.

We offer these lawn pest control solutions:

  • Weed control
  • Sod webworm control
  • Brown patch fungus control
  • Grub control
  • Chinch bug control
  • Army worm control

Trusted Lawn Care & Ornamental Plant Control

In addition to getting rid of lawn pests in Cape Coral, Blue Sky Solutions can keep both your lawn and your ornamental plants healthy with fertilizer treatments and other solutions.

Our team provides these lawn care and ornamental plant protection services:

  • Liquid fertilization
  • Granular fertilization
  • Tree fungus control
  • Palm tree injection
  • Caterpillar control
  • Aphid control

Cape Coral's Top Lawn Care & Pest Control Company

Would you like some help to tend your lawn and keep it free of pests and fungi? Connect with Blue Sky Solutions today for the most thorough lawn pest control and fertilization services in the Cape Coral area!

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