In these times of uncertainty, we all learn to social distance and change the way we do normal activities. We will be calling, emailing and texting to contact you and let you know of your upcoming service. We are doing this so we do not show up unexpected or unwanted. This will give you an opportunity to talk to your technician on the phone about any pest concerns and he will be able to address them without the need for an interaction

The Pest Control Industry has been an essential industry, since it was created out of necessity even back to when we first swatted a mosquito on our arm. Our industry helps with pest, disease, and all the issues that come with this. We are grateful to be at the forefront of the environmental health of our customers. We do not deal with viruses or disease but pestilence and infestations.

As more people stay home, using the home and yard more. Pest issues will rise and become even more of a concern.

We are up for the task. We are all well and monitoring ourselves and taking care of each other.

We are available to take care of your pest needs. We do not want to show up at your house unannounced. We do not want to do services that are not wanted or affordable at this time. Our success and the future of our company and employees' livelihoods rely on you and your need for us. Please let us know what we can do for you. Please expect a call from your technician.

They want to service your property. They want to know what you are concerned about so they can address those concerns. They will be asking for accounts to be current and payments be made online at or before service to ensure payment. Our office will be following up with calls and emails to arrange payments online or over the phone. The office portion of Blue Sky is working from home and online payments will go smoother than regular mail at the moment.

We have upped our outside game and are doing extra to keep pests out of your home and yard. We realize you may be using your yard and home more and need more protection. These actions should keep the need for inside treatments to emergencies only. We do have a drop off service for home owners but industry strength can help to avoid close interaction.

Please call if you have any questions.

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